Dirty Secret - Emma  Hart
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I loved this book so much!  Anytime I find I rocker series I tend to get sucked in, and this one proved no different.

Sofie is a single mom terrified to return to her hometown and answer questions that many have wondered.  She left a couple of years prior hoping she made the right decision.  She knows she needs to go back, and doesn't really want to do deal with the fallout.  Sofie is a strong character, even in her weakest moments.  She knows she doesn't deserve any kind of forgiveness, but she is constantly battling the emotions she has for the guy who's always had her heart.

I absolutely adored Conner.  He's the singer for a band that consists of himself and three brothers.  He hears that Sofie's back in town, and shows up at her door immediately.  The fact that she broke his heart doesn't matter.  He has to know if it's true. He doesn't want to feel any kind of emotion for her, but he can't stop it.  Even when things come to light he still tries to be a part of Sofie's life.

I loved seeing these two battle their feelings for each other.  There are times when Conner is an asshole, but other times when Sofie is bitchy.  Neither of the characters know how to deal with all the past stuff that keeps coming up.  Sofie is definitely a firecracker, though.  That's what made me love her so much.

The plot is pretty predictable, but it's a perfect read for starting out the summer.  It's light, hilarious, and sweet all at the same time.  I love these characters, and can't wait for more of the Burke brothers.