The Remedy - Suzanne Young
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The Remedy is the prequel to The Program.  We get a little backstory on how things were before The Program became the way of life.

Quinn is a closer.  She impersonates the loved ones that families have lost.  With her current case she finds herself unable to detach herself from the life of Catalina Barnes.  She wants that life for herself and contemplates going on her own and living it.  The connection of her case to others is creepy, and she doesn't know what is going on.  She also finds herself torn with the emotions of Catalina's boyfriend and those of her ex-boyfriend.

This book is definitely one that will make you think. There were so many times that I shook my head and thought this is not healthy.  My heart broke for Quinn not ever being allowed to live much of a life of her own.  Being a closer is all she's known, and she wants more.  I couldn't understand why families would want someone to live their child's life.  I think that would cause more harm than good.

The ending completely blew my mind and had me questioning everything.  Is anything in Quinn's life real?  Who can she trust to keep her best interests at heart?

While not much action-wise happens in this installment, it's a definite must for the world of The Program.

On to the narrator....

Rebekkah Ross did a great job of making you feel like you were in the story.  She nailed Quinn's emotions and confusion.  Her voice for the male parts was distinguished and you didn't get confused about who was speaking.  I will definitely be looking for more books read by Ross.