Best Day Ever - Miranda Kenneally


I adored this book!  It's fun, full of music, and sweet.

Jesse's Girl is the perfect summer read.  Maya is hilarious, and so comfortable in her own skin.  Except when it comes to singing.  She's terrified to be in the spotlight.  But shadow day changes that for her.  She learns so much from being Jesse's shadow.  Not only about music, but also about herself.  She's fun, and I love that she loves Queen so much.  I watch Flash Gordon many times because they did the soundtrack.

This book is about learning to let people in for both Jesse and Maya.  And sometimes you may thing you loathe a person only for them to become a really great friend.  Not to mention all the other confusing lusty feelings that Maya sometimes has for Jesse.  I loved every bit of it.  Especially the playfulness between Maya and Jesse.  There were times where they were completely carefree.

The  playful elements, sweet romance, and shenanigans these two get into make Jesse's Girl a great book to add to you beach bag.

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