Married With Zombies - Jesse Petersen
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Overall Review

This is a really fun zombie series.  What else can you do when the zombie apocalypse happens?  Well you work on your marriage, of course! You can't very well survive if you are wanting to rip each other to shreds every time you don't agree.

Living with the Dead is full of hilarious moments, serious ones, and crazy drama.  Sarah and David tend to run into all the crazies left in the apocalypse.  Watching them try to get out of each situation is entertaining, that's for sure.  While David can be a hot head, he does his best to protect himself and Sarah.  I love Sarah's witty sarcasm, and way of looking at things.  She goes with her gut, and is usually right.

If you want a fun series to read, or listen to, I think this fits that bill!