The Warlord Wants Forever (Immortals After Dark #1) - Kresley Cole
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Quickie Review

Nikolai and Myst are both very strong characters.  Not only in their strengths and loyalty, but also with their dislike and lust for each other.  They are unique and both very much have the whole "alpha" thing going on.

This story is pretty much a cat and mouse game.  Nikolai is searching for Myst after they met 5 years before.  When he finally catches up to her he is ruthless.  He uses everything in his power to keep her with him.  She doesn't want to have feelings for him, but there are times when she can't deny them.

I really like this world.  It's got a little bit of every paranormal type you can think of.  This book is kind of a prequel to the Immortal After Dark series, and some of the events take place during the next book A Hunger Like No Other.  The back and forth banter between Nikolai and Myst is pretty intense.  You never know who is going to win each battle.

I listened to this in audio, and didn't really care for the narrators in this one.  But that changes with the next one.  Oh and if you do listen to this, be prepared to not have others around you, or stick in your earbuds.  Let's just say there are definite sexy times, and it can get a little awkward when listening to with anyone. ;)