Your B&B or Mine? - Melissa  West
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You know those books that give you the warm fuzzies? Your B&B or Mine? is definitely one of those.  Melissa West did a fantastic job of bringing the Southern charm, and sweet romance.

I adored both Savannah and Logan.  Both characters are stubborn, and refuse to let go of whatever guilt and regrets they have.  They obviously have a spark, and I don't see a point in fighting it.  Seeing these two characters bicker and relax around each other was endearing.

The writing is fun, honest, and exactly what I'd expect from a novel that takes place in the South.  I loved the town of Maple Cove.  It screams small town.  You have the nosy people everywhere, and those that just want to stir up trouble.  I also liked seeing Savannah interact with her siblings.  Not everything is perfect, but they are family.  What can ya do? I do hope we get more of them later on.

If you are looking for a Rom-Com worthy book, Your B&B or Mine? is one you should pick up.  It's full of swoon, emotion, great characters, and a sweet (and sometimes full of busy bodies) town.



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