The Land of 10,000 Madonnas - Kate Hattemer
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I loved Hattemer's writing. It is gorgeous.  Her words flow together, and you get wrapped up in them, and don't realize how much time has gone by.  The way she writes emotion is amazing.  You can feel the words as you read them.

I really enjoyed the trip aspect of this book.  Going on a quest to find someone. But maybe they can find each other by the end. They experience all these things that they would have loved to experience with Jesse, but sometimes that's not how things work out.  Sometimes you have only those with you to lean on, and the memory of a loved one is a great thing even if they can't be there.

I had a love/hate relationship with the characters.  A lot of the time they are almost unlikable.  They have ways they respond to problems that had me puzzled, and they seemed so selfish at times.  This was usually Lillian and Cal.  They are guarded and don't want to share their experiences and times with Jesse.  Ben needs to learn to let go of control.  He doesn't have to be the grown up all the time.  He should sit back and enjoy the moment. Trevor needs to grow up a little.  But I loved his carefree attitude.  He takes everything as it comes and tries to bring out the positives in any situation.  Matt... all I hope for his is that he realizes who he is, and doesn't let fear keep him in it's grip.

Even though I didn't click with the characters at all times, I found times where I adored them.  Coping with loss takes a different form in each and every person, and we come through it in our own way.

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