Slashed: An Extreme Risk Novel - Tracy Wolff
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I have been waiting on Cam and Luc's story since the first book.  It was all there brewing under the surface. I was so not disappointed.

I loved the tension between these two. Yes, things would have been solved faster if they just communicated, but we wouldn't have gotten all the turmoil Luc and Cam are feeling.  Most of the time they are together they end up in a fight. They both have problems with insecurity.  And it's totally understandable with both characters.  When you're one of the guys for so long, it's hard to think you are attractive.  And Luc knows he isn't as strong in competition with his friends but he doesn't realize he's a pretty badass boarder.

I also loved seeing them with their friends so much, and how close Cam and Ophelia have become.  There are some shocking moments, and moments when you want to shake the characters and call them a dumbass for giving up.  But I loved every minute of it.

Also, both Cam and Luc's moms suck.  They aren't very present in their lives, and I know that shouldn't matter much when these characters are in their twenties, but it does. It's nice to have support.

Slashed can be read as a stand alone, but I'd really recommend reading the first two books so you get a feel of Luc and Cam leading up to this one.