Spelled - Betsy Schow


Spelled is a fun story.  I love how Schow weaved in all the fairytales, and made them come to life.

Dorthea is a girl who is forbidden to step outside the castle, and it's the one thing she wants more than anything.  When we first meet her she is kind of a brat.  She thinks she is better than everyone and needs a kick in the pants.  I think my favorite thing is that Dorthea grows.  She learns that maybe she isn't all that, and maybe she should be a little more kind.

Another favorite thing is that she is constantly having to fight this hunger that is trying to take over.  I can't imagine how hard it would be to try to figure out if I'm the hero or villain of the story.  Each choice leads to something a consequence, can Dorthea live with some of hers.

Then there is the friendship and romance.  Dorthea ends up with a wide range of friends.  She didn't think she'd find herself amidst these people, or want to be friends with them.  But they prove that friends come in the unlikeliest of forms, and have a fierce loyalty.

I'm hoping there are more books to this.  I could get lost in this world over and over again.  The characters are smart, witty, and a lot of fun in even the most dire situations.


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