The Sparrow Sisters: A Novel - Ellen Herrick
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I really, really, really enjoyed this book. I loved the whimsical writing, and the way you get lost in the town of Granite Point.  I also loved the magical element, even though the book focuses on the characters.

The Sparrow Sisters are so close, and I love that they have such a strong sibling relationship.  Even when they are irritated with each other, they stand beside each other through everything.  Nettie is quiet and definitely not flashy.  She stays in the background and offers up her support and ideas when they are needed.  Sorrel is a bit surly at times, but she's the mother figure.  She gets things done, and makes sure her sisters are doing okay.  And Patience is, well there isn't just one word to describe Patience. She doesn't get involved with the town gossip, but she's magnificent.  She has the ability to tell when people need something in their lives, and helps with her remedies to make them better.

The other characters are very well written, and each has some sort of connection to the Sparrow family.  Henry isn't exactly fond of Patience helping the town with her remedies.  As a doctor he believes the citizens should go to him.  He struggles with trying to understand what she's capable of as he wants to get closer to her.  They are both more alike than either wants to voice.  Ben has longed for a certain sister for as long as he can remember, but has always been scared to make the first move. He does show his unending support when one of them falls under the scrutiny of the town.  And Simon, well he had feelings for one of them when they were younger, and still holds love for her now.

I think this book showed how an entire town can go into chaos when something bad happens. They want to place blame, and sometimes the easiest to blame are those that, even though they have helped them, are a bit odd.  I love how the women of Granite Point band together to help the Sparrow Sisters, and the support of those close to them.  I got lost in this small town, and the images were unfolded as I turned the pages.

This is definitely a must read, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.