Other Broken Things - Christa Desir
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This is my first book to read by Desir, and I loved it!  It's dark, gritty, emotional, and true.

Desir doesn't sugar coat anything.  You get it all whether it's pretty or not.  And I absolutely love that.  We don't get a girl who is completely perfect with small struggles. We get a girl who is trying to cope with addiction. Natalie gets ignored by her friends when she doesn't want to party anymore, and there may even be some relapses.  She finds unlikely friends to help support her through her journey to sobriety.

Desir also has no problem with sex topics.  She shows Natalie's experiences and doesn't make it all rainbows and sunshine. Sometimes sex is just that, sex. And it's not always because someone is loved or what have you. The person is there and it's convenient.

Natalie is also trying to deal with her own situation, and with her parents. Her dad is pretty much a prick. And I can't stand him.  But her mom, is pretty great, even though Natalie doesn't always see that.

I think Other Broken Things is great at showing the struggles of addiction, and finding your place when it seems like everyone you thought cared about you leaves.