Cam Girl - Leah Raeder
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Thoughts on Cam Girl

This is going to be pretty damn scatter-brained.  Raeder always leaves me thinking and hopeful.  It's one thing I can always count on with one of her books, and Cam Girl is no different.

Vada and Ellis are amazing characters.  Both are afraid to some extent of what others think of them.  Vada is definitely the one who worries more.  She has some of her own phobias she has to work through into find herself.  Ellis is struggling on a different level, but the struggle is very much real.

There is so much emotion, and learning to be happy with yourself.  It's hard to do when you are always fighting prejudices and a world that doesn't accept easily.

I still can't even form logical thoughts.  Raeder has written a book that will touch many, and will bring hope to those out their struggling with their own battles.

I loved every word of Cam Girl.  From the wonderfully written characters to the beautiful writing.  It's definitely a must read!


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