When You're Back: A Rosemary Beach Novel (The Rosemary Beach Series Book 12) - Abbi Glines
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Abbi Glines has done it again!  She's pulled me into a story that I loved and couldn't put down.

I love Reese and Mason.  They are such a great couple, and things aren't always easy for them.  Two people are constantly trying to put doubt in their heads about each other.  And that drove me nuts.  It's like they couldn't stop needling, but I had to keep reading so I could see them put in their place.

I think Reese grew the most in this book.  I know we all love Mason but he pretty much has his shit together, he just needed to get a few obstacles to understand that Reese is the only one he will ever love.  Reese wants to work, and I love that she has the confidence to say that she wants to work because she feels like she needs to.  She used to think of her dyslexia as an issue preventing her from doing every day things, but realizes that it may make things a little more difficult for her, not impossible.  Her confidence in working is amazing, and I loved seeing her blossom in her environment.

A person from Reese's past shows up and causes trouble.  And there are battles being dealt with by Kiro, Mason's dad, that he has to go help straighten out.  I love when Reese and Mason go back to visit Rosemary Beach.  That group of friends is always so warm and welcoming, and don't look down at Reese at all.

Like I said, this story sucked me in, and I can't wait to read more.  I really hope Captain gets his own book, because his presence in this book is mysterious and I HAVE to know more!!!


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