Monsters of Men (Chaos Walking Series #3) - Patrick Ness


I have so much love for this series.  It shows just how awful people can be in the their determination to make things right.  But each person has a different idea of the way things needs to be done.

Monsters of Men picks up right after The Ask and The Answer.  Todd is at a complete lost with who to trust or how to go about things when they see the Spackle on the horizon.  Will the Mayor keep to his word or will he completely screw them over.  Viola is terrified she's losing the Todd she first met to the one that's stuck in the middle of this battle.  He's changing, and he doesn't even realize it.  We also have a new voice enter the fray, and he's not one happy with the men, or how they treat others.

While some parts of the story seem to slow down a bit, it's hard not to get lost in the story.  So many things happen in this book that set the course for how things will be handled from now on.  The Mayor thinks violence is the way to prove superiority, and Viola wants to find a peaceful resolution.  Both Todd and Viola have people trying to steer them in the directions they want, and they don't know how to handle the pressure without losing themselves in the process.

Seriously, I can't tell you much more without giving a ton of things away.  But Viola and Todd truly grow in this book.  When you think the circumstances are going to beat them down they do their best to rise up to the occasion.  The ending is excellent.  You have an idea of how things end, but nothing concrete. I am happy that there is a short story that kind of wraps things up a little better, and I'll definitely be reading that soon!

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