Fade Into You (Shaken Dirty) - Tracy Wolff
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Meet bad boy rocker Wyatt in Fade Into You.

This new rock star romance by Tracy Wolff is NOW LIVE!  #shakendirty



The wait for Wyatt's story has been long and tortuous.  I've had a soft spot for him since the beginning, and Fade Into You completely filled that void.


Wyatt and Poppy are amazing through their interactions.  He's broody and stubborn, while Poppy is optimistic and stubborn.  Let the two clash, but oh so perfectly. They go head to head, and then make up.... If you know you what I mean. :P  And the opening chapter is pretty great, and slightly embarrassing and awkward. But they move on from that so well.


We all knew Wyatt's story would be rocky and tragic, and it is, but it's also peppered with little bits of hope.  He's a recovering addict, and it's hard road to travel.  The want never goes away and it's a constant battle to stay on the straight and narrow.  Wolff did an amazing job of showing the struggle and coming to terms with how things will always be.  It gets easier, but  never really disappears completely.


I've also decided that Poppy's dad is a complete jerk.  I can't stand him and wanted to throat punch him many times.  Her brother has her back most of the time, but it's hard when their father pushes him into a corner.  I adore Poppy.  Her love of music is apparent, and she doesn't back down from a challenge.  She's such a strong character, and takes chances even when they can put her in sticky situations.


Overall, I loved this story so hard.  The dedication of the guys in the band to their friend is amazing. Even when Wyatt thinks he doesn't deserve it, his friends never let him down.   I can't wait for the next Shaken Dirty novel.

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