The Cookies & Cups Cookbook: 125+ sweet & savory recipes reminding you to Always Eat Dessert First - Shelly Jaronsky
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This is such a fun cookbook.  The images are amazing, and some of the recipes I've tried have been delicious.  I liked going through and looking at the yummy pictures while working on my meal plan.  The recipes are very easy to follow, and most can be made pretty quickly.

Flourless Chocolate Cookies

While my kiddos didn't care for this recipe, the folks at work did.  They were eaten not long after I put them in the kitchen.  I thought they had a very rich taste.

Confetti White Chocolate Bars

These were ridiculously easy to make. I didn't get a picture because Wee One dug in as soon as she could.  She really liked them.

Philly Cheesesteak Stuffed Baked Potato

This recipe takes a bit longer.  But that's only because of making sure not to scorch the cheese sauce.  The Hubs wasn't sure about the whole in a potato thing, but it was still really good.  The perfect mixture of everything.

Grilled Pesto Shrimp

I'm not gonna lie.  Looking at the mixture marinating the shrimp, it didn't look appetizing at all.  But once the shrimp hit the grill they smelled delicious.  The end result wasn't bad either.  Boy Child devoured 4 skewers before saying he was full.

Overall the recipes I tried were fabulous. I can't wait to try a few more, especially the scones.