In the Afterlight - Alexandra Bracken
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This book is definitely intense.  Not only in character development, but also in how these characters deal with situations they are thrown in.


I have always loved Ruby. She's fierce, and she has no issue doing whatever has to be done in order to have a favorable outcome.  She does question a lot of her past actions in this book.  She struggles with the morality of some of those choices, and fears she could be more like Clancy than she wishes.


In the Afterlight has so many twists and turns.  I found myself holding my breath to hear what the outcome was going to be.  There's also a lot of sibling rivalry going on with Liam and Cole.  They each have their methods of getting things done, and it causes a ton of arguments.


There's this one scene that made me tear up because it's absolutely beautiful in how it's portrayed and the message it sends is amazing.  But I can't tell you what that is because you know spoilers.  But it has really stuck with me after reading it.


I'm definitely going to miss this series, but it will be one that I go back to read again.  It's dark, hopeful, and has you cheering for these kids and what they stand for.