Manners & Mutiny - Gail Carriger
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Why I love this book & this series...

Sophronia is a character everyone can look up to.  She doesn't always follow the rules, but definitely follows her gut instinct, and those tend to prove correct.  She has the right amount of sass and respect.

I love the loyalty this group of friends have.  They have each other's back no matter what. These gals know what is important, and what's not.  Even though some of the students at the school can be awful, they don't let that deter them.

The romance.... What can I say, I love romances that are deemed inappropriate for the times.  That is definitely where Sophronia finds herself with her favorite sootie.  Does she follow her heart, or society, or can she have both.

There's always action in these books.  The characters always seem to find themselves in a bit of a pickle, and have to figure out a way to get out, or solve the problem.  And the mystery! I didn't always understand the reasoning of the bad guy, and I didn't guess it for a while. This always makes me extremely happy.

Overall, I love this book and series.  The importance of friendship, loyalty, and love is probably my favorite thing.  They are fun, and full of surprises.