Dirty Ride (Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club) - Chantal Fernando
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Quickie Review

This is the first book I read in this series, and I'll definitely be going back to read the rest of them.

I've read a few MC books, and this is definitely one that I'll be adding to the ranks.  I loved the intensity between Valentina and Arden.  It's like things line up for them.  I did question how she could go from the situation she was in to seeing where things go with Arden, but it's a novella, and I knew it needed to happen fast.

The steamy scenes are hot, and I love alpha males.  But I like it even more when the girls make their wants known.  The romance is fun, intense, and full of surprises. And I love the friendships that Valentina makes.  She definitely needs some pals she can rely on.

Overall, it was a good novella, and I need to go back to read the first books in this series so I can meet the other members of the Wind Dragons MC Club.