The Trouble with Destiny - Lauren Morrill
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Quickie Review

I really enjoyed The Trouble with Destiny.  It's fun, awkward, and shows that you don't have to have control over every little thing.

The control aspect is what Liza, our main character, has trouble with most. She is trying to make sure the band program is saved, and turns into a scary person to her friends because of it.  And there is a boy who likes her.  She just can't figure out how to tell him she likes him as well.  And don't forget the ex best friend that has it out for her, and is competing with the dance group.  Demi can be pretty scary sometimes with how she makes Liza feel.

I love that this takes place on a cruise ship.  Not only because they are traveling, but because no matter the situations you get yourself into, you can't escape them.  They have to be dealt with since there is nowhere to run. And the fact that music is such a big theme in this book. I love music, and my son is in band.  I have a feeling he might get up to some shenanigans with his bandmates.

If you want to read something fun, this is definitely the book to pick up.