The Summertime Girls - Laura Hankin
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I've got a lot of love for this book, and have recommended it to everyone! The relationship between best friends is amazing, and I think this book portrays that perfectly.

The story is told from two perspectives, Ally and Beth.  They've been friends since they were children and then one day they just drifted apart.  Beth's grandmother moving out of her house brings them back together and forces them to see where their friendship stands.

Ally is very much an artistic type.  She's a musician and tends to go with the flow. (One of the things I love about her) Beth is very controlled and likes to have a plan.  It's a shock that they are even friends sometimes.  Each of them has gone through a major thing and feel let down by the other.  I love both of these characters.  They both have their faults and great qualities.  It's finding the balance to deal with their lives and still be a part of each other's life.

I think the thing I loved about this book is that while there's a bit of possible forming romance, it's not the main focus.  I always love stories about friends.  We get to see the ups and downs, and sometimes how hard it is to maintain a friendship.  I think their misunderstanding of what happened on a specific day is important in showing how they drifted apart.  Both feel alone after the absence of each other, and it takes a lot of work for them to try to be how they were before adulthood.

If you like books about friends, then this is definitely for you!!!