In the Fast Lane (Hard Driving) - Audra North
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In the Fast Lane is a fast paced book that will have you flipping the pages.

The story line takes place over a couple of months which makes for a quick and fun romance.  I loved the idea of a race car driver and owner forming a relationship.  They both have their issues with the other, but there are soooo many sparks that make it an awesome journey.

Kerri is now driving stock cars after racing in the indie league.  She has many obstacles to overcome since she's the only female driver.  She's not pleased with the person who bought over half the share in her racing team.  She has to fight hard to show those in the racing world that she's as capable as them behind the wheel, while still remembering that she is a girl, and wants a family, and all the other things.  I had a love hate relationship with Ranger.  He's sweet sometimes and has a connection with Kerri.  He's got things that happened  when he was young that he has to get over, and a hate of his father.

Both Kerri and Ranger have to overcome their dislike of each other amidst the chemistry.  I love books where sparks fly, and the characters can't stand each other in the beginning.  It's always awesome.  And the racing story was amazing too.  I loved everything about these characters.