Chaser (Bad Habits Book 2) - Staci Hart
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I absolutely love this series.  I adored Lily & West's story, and felt the same way about Maggie & Cooper.

I love the whole premise of this story. How likely is that you can have a sexual relationship with someone without it having some kind of emotions involved. When we first meet Cooper in With a Twist, we pretty much write him off as a pretty boy manwhore.  But he is so much more, and I think this book captures that softer side to him.  He's never been one to think about others, and that's all he does in this book. I loved everything about him.  I had my ups and downs with Maggie. She thinks setting rules to her arrangement with Cooper will keep her in check.  But we all know how hard that is likely to be.

I think both characters grew a lot throughout Chaser. Maggie learns about herself, and how to get past some things while trying to keep from being scared. I don't necessarily like how she dealt with some things.  But it helped her come to a point where she knew herself.  And I could go on about Cooper for days. He's just an overall gentleman, and doesn't do more than what is asked even if he wants to.

There are quite a few funny moments between these two. Their banter and humor with each other was adorable, and had me grinning most of the time.

If you liked With a Twist, you should definitely check out this sequel.  I can't wait for the 3rd book, and I know it's going to be forever! Huge fan of Staci Hart.  She never disappoints.