The Perfect Bargain (Entangled Lovestruck) (How to Marry a Highlander) - Jessa McAdams
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The Perfect Bargain is a fun and quick read.  You easily get swept up into the highlands of Scotland.

I wasn't a fan of Sloane at first.  She pretty much runs to hide out instead of telling her friends that their dating matches for her suck.  She is a little prim & proper, but uses it as a mask to hide under.  But when she finally starts loosening up and doing things for herself she becomes a great character.  She's funny, and has no problem dishing out the sarcasm.  Her plan to show her friends she has moved on from her horrendous break-up is slightly hilarious.

Galen is pretty much hot.  He's got a lot of responsibilities trying to keep his pub floating, and needs the money.  Against his better judgement he accepts Sloane's offer to be her pretend boyfriend.  He's witty for sure, and does everything he can think of to make Sloane break the ruse.

It's a very quick read, and will have you laughing at the predicaments these two get themselves into.  Watching them interact is fun.  They are polar opposites but tend to ease up around each other.  I loved seeing these two get to know each other, and the fast pace in which everything happens.