The Do-Over - L.E. Bross
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Quickie Review

The Do-Over is a fun and quick read.  We get to see the quaint town of Biscay Beach.  The people in this town are pretty amazing, and open their arms to Melanie.  She's trying to get the house she inherited fixed and ready for sale so she can go back to her life in New York.  She's very list oriented, and wants things to be perfect.  The only downfall is she doesn't know how to do much since she never had to do anything for herself.

Eli is the town hottie.  He doesn't take to kindly to Melanie at first, but she grows on him.  He has his own reason for not really liking the type of person Melanie is.  He lets his past keep his mind closed.  But he is a sweetheart, and wants Melanie to succeed in whatever she does or learns.

The chemistry is definitely there with these two, and the sexy times are HOT! The Do-Over makes a perfect read to get ready for summer.