Crazy, Stupid, Fauxmance - Shellee Roberts
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5 Reasons to read Crazy, Stupid, Fauxmance

It's Fun!

 I love the whole attitude of this book. It's fun and even when there are shocking times, they find some of the humor in the situation.  And there are a few times I literally laughed out loud when they were dealing with some tension.

The Fauxmance

Books that start out with fake romances always get me hooked.  I know that emotions are going to come into play, and I love seeing the characters come to that conclusion.  It's always a fun journey, and definitely one of self-discovery.

Seeing characters from previous books

Mariely is Willa's best friend, and I adored seeing so much of her in this book.  They have such a tight bond, and call offer the advice that's needed.  They show what true friendship is about.

The Characters

Mariely and Cabot are both great characters.  They each have their own issues they deal with.  And they have to learn to trust each other.  Mariely is such a fun character.  She channels her inner starlet wherever she goes.  I love her sense of style, and her swear words.  They are amazing.  Cabot is not at all what Mariely thinks of him.  He's a nice surprise, and grows a lot during this book.

The Plot

Not only is there the whole fauxmance going on because of certain situations, but each is going through their own things too.  Mariely is scared to show Cabot where she lives, and is subconscious of her scholarship status at the school.  Cabot has issues within his own family.  He holds grudges against the person who he feels hurt him.

This series is a lot of fun.  I can't wait to see what all of these characters bring in the future.