Maybe in Another Life - Taylor Jenkins Reid
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I was immediately drawn into Maybe in Another Life.  Reid shows us the different paths we can take due to our choices.

I absolutely loved Hannah.  She may seem flighty at the beginning but certain events help shape who she is.  She's never really felt like she belonged anywhere until she moved back to L.A. with her friend Gabby.  What I love the most is the friendship Hannah and Gabby have.  No matter the choices made, or what happens, they are there for each other 100%.  Gabby is the one constant in Hannah's life, and she begins to realize that maybe home is where her friend is.

Hannah has a choice, does she go home with her high school sweetheart, Ethan, or does she go home with Gabby.  We see how each story unfolds based on both decisions.  I loved the parallel lives between the two choices.  In both circumstances she can run from her mistakes, or she can own them and try to be better for herself.  With each decision Hannah faces hardships and some unthinkable situations.

I love Reid's writing.  It's beautiful and pulls you into the story.  Her characters are believable, and you feel their emotions right along with them.  There are moments of happiness, sadness, and despair.  But you cheer for Hannah the entire way.  One thing is for sure, family isn't necessarily who you're related to by blood.  Family is based on those you surround yourself with, and who have your back through thick and thin.