Combative (Combative, Book One) - Jay McLean
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Quickie Review

It's no secret that I fell in love with McLean's More Than series.  And I'm going to warn you that Combative is nothing like those books.  It's dark, edgy, and completely kicks ass.

Kyler is incredibly hot and rough around the edges.  He does have a sweet side, though.  Madison is a complete mystery. Who the hell is she? What is with her sudden appearance in Kyler's building? And who the fuck is she texting?

The sparks fly between these two, and the questions keep building. You don't know if everything is happening for a reason, or organically. The mystery surround everything is what kept me going.  And of course the intensity of Kyler.  But still what the hell is Madison hiding. She's a complete enigma.  She seems like she's been very sheltered, but can throw back whiskey like a pro.

If you like mystery, suspense, and trying to put the pieces together, this book is definitely one to read.  I can't post much because everything I say would be a spoiler.  And I just can't do that to you.