Maybe Someday - Colleen Hoover
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I loved this book so much.  I don't usually care for books that revolve around falling for someone that is taken, but this was done well.

The characters are real.  The emotions they feel are ones that many people have felt, or are feeling.  It's hard to keep yourself from someone you are falling for when they are all you think about.  The friendships and relationships are on shaky grounds at some points, and they could be happening with anyone.  Even when things get rocky the new friendships are pretty strong.  I love how well this tight-knit group works together.

My favorite moments are when Ridge and Sydney are writing together.  They are able to converse so easily and get each other.  And the lyrics they write say more about themselves than anything else.  I also like how this forces Ridge to take a look at the relationships in his life.  He can't keep doing things the way he has been, and sometimes things need to change.

Hoover's writing is amazing, and I love that this book has a soundtrack that goes along with it.  I feel like I know the characters, and even though the behavior of some of them made me tense, I love them all.