Playing Pretend - Juliana Haygert

Charolotte isn’t free to be herself. She always follows her mother’s orders, even when it’s not something she wants to do. She drove me crazy sometimes because of how she let herself be pushed around. I loved Mason. He doesn’t go down without a fight, and he’s just adorable.


The relationships in Playing Pretend are great. Even when some of them make me cringe. I love Charlotte’s friends, they stick by her no matter what. The events in the book take place over a few months. I loved the fact that the timeline was spread out. It gave the romance more time to be fleshed out, and not seem rushed.


Playing Pretend is great if you’re looking for a quick read that is also on the light side. There were moments, though, that I thought Charlotte’s mom was the equivalent of Mommy Dearest.