Drive Me Crazy - Tracy Wolff

I absolutely love Quinn & Elise’s and story. There were so many times that I was laughing like a crazy person. I told my hubby about some of the pranks played between the two of them, and now he’s worried I’ll do the same things. :P


I love how Quinn and Elise can still shift into their playfulness around each other. It’s fun. There are a few intense moments with them. But they just need to work past that all. I also love the fact that the rest of the band gets along with Elise so well.


Sorry this turned kind of rambly. I don’t want to give too much away, but I still want to sing praises for this book, and series. If you loved the intensity of Ryder and Jamison, you’ll love the fun with Quinn and Elise. You’ll also love the smexy parts! Just sayin’.