Best Kind of Broken - Chelsea Fine

I freaking LOVE the characters in Best Kind of Broken. I’m a big fan of Chelsea Fine’s writing, and this was no exception.


Pixie and Levi are both amazing. They carry a guilt that neither one of them should. I love that they grow through the entire book. Even when things are tense between them they keep the playful banter up. There were so many times that I was laughing my booty off because I couldn’t keep the giggles down.


Most of the book is lighthearted, but does deal with an important topic. I love the way Pixie acts with everyone. She’s full of witty sarcasm, and doesn’t back down. I think the hubby is scared I’m going to blow the fuses on purpose after telling him about Pixie’s shenanigans.


I’m excited to read more about the this small town. I want to know what all the other characters get themselves mixed up in.