Suddenly Royal  - Nichole Chase

I absolutely adored Suddenly Royal. It’s sort of like Princess Diaries for grownups!

I love Samantha! She’s very laid back, and only wants to succeed in her dreams. Her mother passed away, and her step-father is sick. So when this royals of Lilaria come in and tell her that she’s actually a Duchess, she’s not sure how to handle the news. Alex is freaking adorable!!! He’s persistent, but doesn’t do anything to make Samantha feel uncomfortable. Even the secondary characters were amazing.

Events progress at a quick pace. Everything happens in a whirlwind. Arrangements have to be made, and Samantha does a great job of acclimating. I love the teasing that goes on between Samantha and Alex. It’s sweet, and sometimes dirty. But the banter between these two is pretty funny.

Suddenly Royal is a fun read. Perfect when you want something happy and flirty.