Panic - Lauren Oliver

I think the premise of this book is interesting, but the characters left it feeling a little flat.

I think the game of Panic is amazing. It’s dangerous, and scary as hell. It’s not something I’d ever participate in, but I can see why others would. I had to know what the next challenge was while I was reading. Each one is deadlier than the previous one. I was freaking out while reading some of them.

Panic is told from the perspectives of Heather and Dodge. I had a hard time with them as narrators because I felt like they didn’t have much of a personality. They both have had hard lives, and ones that I wish wasn’t a reality. But the way they portrayed things felt like it lacked passion, I guess. I didn’t feel their anger, or anything. It’s like it just happened. I’m not sure that makes sense, but it does in my head. lol

While the characters left me wanting more, the story is engaging.