Daughter of Chaos - Jen McConnel

I like the premise of the different paths of magic, and the tie-in to mythology.

I had a like/dislike relationship with Darlena. At times she was really annoying, and too hung up on what was going on with her and Justin. I think she was letting that define who she was at times. I love, and admire, that Darlena stands up to the goddesses. She isn’t the type to be pushed around. Even when she’s afraid, she smarts off. I didn’t care for Justin. He has this holier-than-thou attitude, and I wanted to punch him, a lot! :P There is a complete family unit, which is missing in many YA books. There were some tense times between Darlena and her parents, but that is normal in any family.

Daughter of Chaos is action packed. There is always a problem, or situation, lurking around every corner. The details of how Red magic works is still a little confusing to me, but I hope it will be explained more in future book/s.

Overall, this is an engaging read and a perspective on Magic that I haven’t seen.

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