The Nightmare Dilemma - Mindee Arnett

I’ve missed Dusty, Eli and Selene so much. They are a group of great friends, and have each others’ backs no matter what.

Nightmare Dilemma picks up not long after the events in Nightmare Affair. I love that we get a small little recap. Dusty grows so much in this book. She deals with things that scare her but she knows she’s the only one that can go through with them. We also get a little more detail about her feelings toward Eli. He’s just an awesome person.

There is a ton of mystery, and I didn’t see the culprit coming at all. I can usually figure out who the bad guy is pretty early on. Arnett surprised me, and I loved it! There’s definitely some romance going on, and it of course messes with emotions.

This is one series that I want there to be more of!