Dark Frost  - Jennifer Estep
I absolutely loved this book!!! It only took me just over a day to read. I could not put it down. I love the characters Estep has created in the Mythos world. This book probably had the most action so far in the series. I loved it. With each battle, Gwen gets better with her fighting skills. (Thanks to her hunky trainer, Logan.) She's a fighter above all else, and her determination is admirable. She chooses what to do what she thinks is right without thinking, but deals with the consequences pretty well. Some of the questions we had in the previous books are answered in Dark Frost. I found at least one of the secrets startling, and did not expect it at all. There is more emotion packed into this book than the previous ones in the series. Even through all the sadness I enjoyed seeing the raw emotions emanating from the characters. It was pretty powerful. I can't wait to see what Gwen, and her group of friends, do to remedy the Reaper problem in the next book. Too bad we have to wait until January. :P