Going Vintage - Lindsey Leavitt
Originally posted at www.bookishthingsnadmore.comLoved this book. It was so cute and fun. It's not really what I was expecting, but I couldn't help by love Mallory. She's been wronged by her boyfriend, and decides the best thing to do is to unplug from modern technology. This is an extremely hard thing to do in the world we live in today with all of the different types of social media. You never really have to have a face to face conversation with anyone.Going Vintage is very much a "finding yourself" type of book. Mallory's a teenage girl that's been wronged by someone she really trusts. Not only is she going through the turmoil of being cheated on, but her grandmother has moved to a retirement home and is acting different. Her parents also fight non-stop, and her sister thinks they may be on the road to divorce. That's a lot of baggage on a teens plate. Mallory also has a iffy relationship with her mom. She doesn't want her mom mega-involved in her life. Mallory is using this list to try to simplify her life, but she finds it's pretty difficult when she doesn't know what half of these items are. She's a great character, that goes with the flow. Ginnie, her sister is amazing. She's a couple of years younger than Mallory, but she's an old soul. She can reason things out, and seems to know the logical approach to most situations. I loved her, and think she'd be one awesome little sis. This is a great beach read I think. It's not too heavy, even with some of the topics it covers. Being inside Mallory's head will have you laughing, crying, and frustrated throughout the book. She makes me remember what those young love days felt like.