School Spirits - Rachel Hawkins
3.5I love the Hex Hall series, and was stoked when I heard there was going to be a spin off. School Spirits is more of a good ol' "who done it." It was great to have the mystery and paranormal aspects blend together. The story line moved at an easy pace. I didn't feel rushed, or like I was going to be bored to tears. Izzy also learns, or tries to, how to live with normal people. Well, not exactly normal, but kids who don't have to hunt down monsters. I think this book is as much about Izzy learning how to fit in as it is about finding the cause of the haunting. I am so happy we get to learn more about Izzy. I don't remember her being mentioned much in Spell Bound. She's a sweet girl with great intentions. She feels like she has to prove herself to her mother. She wants to show her she's just as capable as Finn. Izzy also feels she's somehow responsible for Finn's disappearance. I don't see how Izzy manages all of the stress. She hunts monsters, tries to blend in at school, and tries not to care about the friends she's made. I'd be exhausted. Izzy is determined, and pretty strong for dealing with everything on her plate. She shouldn't have to prove that to anyone else. She reminded me of Sophie, so I love her even more!There is a definite crush, and I want to know what comes of it. You're left with a feeling of "say whaaa." So hopefully the next books clear some of that up. Also, Torin is up to something. I'm not sure what yet, but I want to know what the man in the mirror is up to. He seems so different than how he's portrayed in Spell Bound. There are twists and turns. I thought I had things figured out, but, uh, nope. Not so much. School Spirits is a fun read, and if you liked the Hex Hall series, you'll like School Spirits.