Demonglass - Rachel Hawkins
I'm thinking I should have had Spellbound ready to go immediately. The end of this book was total "WTFery," in the words of Liz. Sophie can't seem to stay away from trouble. It finds her everywhere, even on another continent. It's great seeing her dad. They are a lot alike. Some secrets are let out regarding Cal. He's such a sweet guy, but it seems like he's too sweet sometimes. I think Sophie needs to pay attentions to his actions because there may be something between them......Then we have Archer. I still haven't decided how I feel about him. He's charming and witty, except he works for the friggin' Eye. I guess 1st crushes are hard to get over. Still, you have to wonder what was real and what wasn't. It's hard to trust someone that betrayed you.Nick and Daisy are freaky little demons, literally. I don't get good vibes off them, and didn't the entire times. I spent half the time wanting to punch Nick for being a total jerk to Sophie. Jenna and Sophie's friendship is tested a few times. But what good is a BFF without fights every once in a while. They do learn a few things about the other. Things they lie to themselves about. I will be reading Spellbound soon because I have to know what the crap is going on. Secrets from the Council are spilled, but there are some things I'm still not certain of, and I want to know the answers.