The Eternity Cure - Julie Kagawa
Last year I RAVED about the awesomeness of The Immortal Rules. It was one of my fave reads of 2012, and I still recommend it to those that haven't read it. And if you still haven't read the first book in this series.... what the mess are you waiting for. Go get now!The Eternity Cure picks up where TIR left off. Allie is looking for Kanin. She feels his pull, and needs to find him before Sarren gets tired of torturing him, and kills him instead. Allie is kick ass as always. She's strong willed and determined. She still fights becoming the awful monster that Jackal says she is. Allie continues to try to find the balance between being a monster and maintaining her humanity. She left her only hope of human feeling, and tries to process what that means to her. Jackal plays a big part in this book. He's much more likeable, that's for sure. In TIR I hated him with a passion. But wow, I didn't expect my feelings toward him to thaw. He's still an ass, and spends a majority of the time taunting Allie. He just loves giving his sister a hard time about not wanting to kill things unless you absolutely have to. Old friends/enemies come into the story line, and wow the twists. If I say too much, that will ruin it for those that have read Immortal Rules. But seriously guys, totally unexpected events come into play. Allie relives the betrayal of Stick, finds someone she left, and has to ask for help in the unlikeliest of places. I never realized how much of a monster Sarren is. I mean the guy has no rational thought left. He's crazy, and is willing to do whatever he can to stop Allie from finding a cure for the Red Lung virus. He gives me the chills, and his insanity scares the hell out of me at times. If you're looking for a dark vampire story with love, loathing, betrayal, and hope; you need to pick this series up. You won't be disappointed. Allie is a fierce fighter, and seriously knows how to kick butt when the odds are against her.