Boundless - Cynthia Hand
4.5Cynthia Hand has a way of making a love triangle work. I still can't believe that the journey is over for Clara, Angela, Christian, and Tucker. Boundless was a bittersweet read for me. I did not want to let these characters go. Each person deals with some pretty intense emotions in this book. The biggest things they have to overcome are jealousy, doubt, fear, and longing. I wasn't a fan of Angela after I read the novella, and I'm still not really all okay with her now. But that's mostly because of how she acts. I wanted to slap some sense into that girl. Poor Clara is so confused about her visions she doesn't know what to do. Christian just wants to be with Clara without her thinking about Tucker. Tucker just wants Clara. But she'll have to choose....The pacing was perfect. We get snippets of Clara's mom, and even Samjeeza. I really enjoyed finally learning a little about their past. Micheal even shows up for a short bit. There was action in Boundless, and not just little scuffles. :P Everything in the previous books has been leading up to this moment. What will happen? I can't tell you, you'll have to read and find out. Just be forewarned that you will need tissue. Just saying. ;)A beautiful ending to a great trilogy. I felt closure, and that makes me giddy. :D