The Rules - Stacey Kade
3.5The premise of this book intrigued me. I love me some sci-fi, and this heads right up that alley without feeling too far out there. It's perfect for those that are just getting into sci-fi. Ariane is a sweet girl. She has to follow the Rules so she won't be noticed. She tries not to care about people, but finds it hard when she's not allowed to get close. She's very intelligent, and doesn't know what to say at times. She's constantly thinking situations through so that she doesn't make a mistake with how she words things. She tries to be strong enough not to break those rules, but a certain boy makes that very hard. Zane is a great character. At first he seems like a jerk, but he has many layers beneath him. He has a troubled home life, but doesn't want his friends to know. He is a follower until he reaches a breaking point. He's a good guy, with good intentions. He just has crappy friends. Rachel is the perfect example of the mean girl. She's cruel, and only does things that will make her happy, or bring pain/humiliation to others. She doesn't like to be laughed at, and is a complete B. The plot moved along quickly. You begin wondering how close the lab is to finding Ariane. You want to cheer for her the whole time, even knowing she's breaking the Rules. This girl deserves a normal life. She doesn't really get to "live" since she's always in hiding. Ariane decides that her little bit of freedom when it comes to Zane is worth it. As much as Ariane tries to avoid confrontation, it seems to follow her. There tends to be many people around when it hits the fan. Each time something happens, brings her former captors closer to finding her. And oh my wow the twist. There's one event that I did not see coming at all. I was heartbroken for Ariane, and wanted to comfort her any way possible. Overall this is a fast paced read. You aren't bored, and want to know just how far Ariane is going to get without attracting attention. I'm looking forward to seeing where this series goes from here.