Wide Awake - Shelly Crane
This author never disappoints me with her love stories. They make me feel all swooney and stuff. Crane brought me back to the world of contemporary. She has an amazing way of telling a story. She doesn't make it all fluffy, and puts challenges in the plot to show how real it is. I felt awful for Emma. She wakes up from a coma not knowing anyone, or what happened. She tries so hard to be the girl her parents knew before the accident. All she does is make herself unhappy, and harder for her to move on. It seems like Mason is the only one that understands she can't go back to who she was. Mason's her physical therapist, but can't keep from feeling drawn to her. He's a great guy, but has his own secrets and things he's dealing with. He doesn't want to make Emma's life more difficult. Andy, Emma's boyfriend, is a tool. That's all I'll say, because nothing nice will come out of my mouth about him.Emma's life before and after are two complete opposites. I'm not sure how she stood to be the person she was before, but the accident seems to be the starting point to starting a new life. Things aren't easy for her as she acclimates into her life, but she just learns from the circumstances, and tries to deal with it as best as she can.Wide Awake is a great book, that you won't want to put down. The topics and situation are completely believable. I can't imagine waking up, and not remembering anything. A great love story for those that need something that's not filled completely with fluff, and tackles some pretty big issues. I'll definitely be buying the print book of this so it can be read many times over.