Of Silver and Beasts - Trisha Wolfe
3.5OSAB started off a little slow, but it quickly picked up around the half way point. I wanted to know what was going to happen next. Trisha Wolfe has a wonderful ability to weave words and leave you wanting more.Kal is our main character. She's stubborn, loyal, and takes her duty as head of the Nactue seriously. She really frustrates me because she seems cold, and uncaring. She doesn't let herself loosen up until close to the end, and even then it's not much. She's a hard character to connect with. She's very much "my way or the highway" and is close-minded when it comes to the role of males. It's almost opposite of the "women should be in the kitchen" train of thought from the 50's. Besides those downfalls, Kaliope is strong. She knows when to fight her battles, and which ones are worth fighting. She loves her mother, friends and empress with everything she has. That's an admirable quality. Caben is my favorite character. He tries to keep things light when all hell is breaking loose. he has a lot of pride, and Kal mistakes this for arrogance a lot of the time. He's able to push Kal to think in a different way than she's been taught. He had me giggling and smiling throughout the book. Both characters have had a rough childhood, but it also says a lot about who they are as adults. Bax may also be another close fave. I won't say who he is exactly as to avoid spoilers, but there's so much more to him. He proves that not all people are alike.It took me a bit to get used to the world. They travel by horse most of the time, but they also have futuristic devices. At first it confused me, but Wolfe made it work. I found myself wanting to learn more about Cavan, and the other lands. The real action begins when Kal and Caben are thrown into the Otherworld. There is mass chaos, and fighting for survival. It sucks to have to kill when you've sworn to protect, but you have to do what you have to do. Kal and Caben do what they must in order to try to get out of the Otherworld. The inhabitants are scary, and seem to only care about the money they make off of the fights. Kal learns so many things that she was never told while in Cavan. It makes me wonder who she should be trusting. There are so many things that happen, and are said, that make Kal start questioning a lot of things.Overall, this book is about trust, faith, and being comfortable with yourself. Who is worthy of these things, and if something bad happens do you toss your faith out of the window???