Open Heart - Emlyn Chand
This book deals with some pretty heavy issues. Trust and eating disorders being the major ones. It's also told from Simmi's perspective. Simmi seems like a completely different person from Farsighted. A lot of this could be because of how Alex sees her. But she never seemed so distraught before. She suffers from low self-esteem, especially when her best friend is skinny and beautiful. Simmi is constantly having to hide her pain, and dislike of herself, from her family and friends. Due to all of these issues she's facing alone, her powers are diminishing. She can't control them, and doesn't trust herself to wield them the way they are meant to be. She cuts herself off from all of her friends. I didn't care for Alex very much in this installment. He seems very overprotective, and pushy. He also doesn't seem to care about anything that interests Simmi. I want to say this is completely his fault, but it's not. Simmi is always withdrawing into herself because of her size, looks, and the fact that she's confused about her relationship with him. I do see why Alex behaves the way he does. Shapri is oblivious to the problems that plague Simmi. She tries to cheer her best friend up, but doesn't realize she's hurting her instead. Shapri isn't doing it intentionally. She remains loyal to Simmi, and defends her when she won't defend herself. The plot in this one seemed to move kind of slow. We are thrown into Simmi's mind, but nothing really happens. She knows that there's a threat that's moved to town, but doesn't do anything to figure out why. That bugged me to no end. There are signs of the craziness everywhere, and it takes her a while to put two and two together. I do love how much thought is put into Simmi's eating disorder. It's a very scary sickness, and can be life ending. It's a topic that I think should be broached more often. Everyone is scared to talk about it, but in a world that glorifies the "perfect" body it needs to be discussed. The events that happen in this book seem to be a catalyst for what's going to happen next in the series. I'm excited to read more about this group of friends, and see where their journeys take them. 3.5