Embers in a Dark Frost - Kelly Keaton
Keaton did a great job of creating a world that is slowly dying.It took me a few chapters to understand the gods, and the role they play in the lives of the characters. Also, some of the names were difficult for me to pronounce, but I didn't let that take away from the story. I just shortened those names to something easier for my mind to process.I felt so awful for Deira. She's thrust into this new role and doesn't know how to accept it. She went from being a shunned servant to being a part of something bigger. Deira is confused and doesn't want to embrace the challenge laid out before her. I connected with her very easily because she shows weakness. She's is scared, and has moments of cowardice. The fact that she recognizes that about herself shows how much she knows herself.Balen is a strong and attractive warrior. He has a part to play in bringing the light back to Innis Fail. He's accepted his fate, and finds it hard to understand why Deira doesn't. Balen gives off a overpowering attitude. He seems so hard and serious, that you're pretty sure you should be terrified of him. He actually has a sweet spot when you get to know him. He may not say everything he knows, but he's trying his best to protect Deira. Balen is a strong character, and I look up to him.I loved how the characters don't have surface feelings. The fears and joys are real. They have depth and emotion.This is a fast paced fantasy that was difficult to put down. I had to know what happens next. It is a New Adult title, and has a few sexy scenes. I'd rate this book for those that 18+. I'm excited that there will be another part. :D