With All My Soul -
I've given myself a week to process my feelings on this series ending book. Mostly I'm just sad that there will be no more stories with these fabulous characters. I'm also going to try to write this review with as few spoilers as possible. This is definitely my favorite book in the series. As sad as I am that it's over, I'm so glad I've been able to go on their journey with them. Each of these characters have grown so much throughout the books. I've even been able to respect Sophie. Ok well, tolerate her at least. And just like in the previous novels, Sabine has grown on me. She's my favorite Mara, that's for sure. Kaylee is fierce. She's grown up so much, and tired of things constantly happening to her and those she loves. This time around she is driven to set up these awful Netherlings. It doesn't help, that Avari keeps popping up unexpected. She's willing to deal with any consequences to keep her family safe. Her only downfall is being open to accepting help. Seriously, she's way more kick ass in this book than she's been in the previous ones. Moving on to Tod..... Well, there's nothing bad I can say about him. He's ridiculously hot, and always charming as usual. Between him and Sabine, I found myself laughing many times. Each character adds their own element to the story. There are a lot of events that take place. It seems like this crew can never catch a break. Avari will stop at nothing to secure Kaylee's soul. He stoops to all levels possible to get under her skin enough to surrender. But Kaylee finds help in most unlikely of places. Seriously, if you haven't read this series yet, what the mess are you waiting on??? And if you have, this is a must read. I'm not sure how I'm going to function without anymore appearances from Tod, but I'm happy with how the story ended.Favorite Quotes:"Sabine had a unique perspective on boundaries-she refused to recognize them." (location 213-214 Kindle version)"She was nicer when she was with him. She wanted to be better, which made me want to like her." (Location 229 Kindle version)"We don't think about how second place is the first loser. We think about how many other teams we stomped into the dirt and how hard they're probably crying." (location 796-797 Kindle version)"That dam mara was an emotional ninja, sneaking up on your heart when you least expect it." (Location 3089-3090 Kindle version)And my favorite!!!"Have I ever told you how sexy your brain is?" (Location 5049-5050 Kindle version)