The Nightmare Affair -
My first introduction to Nightmares was Sabine in the Soul Screamers series by Rachel Vincent. Since then I've been hoping there would be more books about them. Mindee Arnett has brought that hope to reality. The Nightmare Affair is a quick and fun read. The school these kids go to reminds of the school in that Disney show Halloweentown. I was going to say Hogwarts, but they only allow witches and wizards. Arkwell is open to many magical species. Even though they are a private school, and most of the kids have gone to schools like that their entire lives, there is definitely popularity divisions. It's like a normal high school with magic. The Will, however, keeps them from intentionally hurting each other. I liked the secondary characters much more than Dusty. She is pretty immature, and never thinks before acting. This proves to be dangerous on more than one occasion. Eli is pretty awesome. He has moments where he seems like a jerk, but I think that has to do with him trying to fit in at the school. I also absolutely adore Selene. She's everything you want in a best friend. She's compassionate, caring, and will take up for you anytime you need it. She struggles with insecurities, when she has no reason to. I hope we see lots more of Selene as the series continues. While many of the events were fairly predictable, Arnett put a spin on the tale of Merlin, and what his sword represents. I've heard the story of Merlin many times, and I absolutely loved this one. Arnett is great at pulling you in with her writing style. She's witty, and knows how to lighten the mood when it needs to be done. I'm looking forward to reading more about the students of Arkwell in the future.