Unraveling -
Loved, loved, loved this book! It's got so many great features: sci-fi elements, end of the world events, romance, and heartbreak.Janelle is your typical high school girl until she gets hit by a truck. Then all hell breaks loose. There are earthquakes, wild fires, and unexplainable deaths. All the makings of a great book. Janelle is a strong character. She takes what life has thrown at her, and tries to make the best of all situations. She's led a great, but stressful life. She's also very inquisitive, to the point where it could bite her in the butt. She can't seem to let the mysteries in her dad's files be put to rest. She needs to find out what is happening. Her best friend Alex is awesome. I love that he is witty and loyal. Alex is everything you want in a BFF. And that leads us to Ben. He's not a popular kid at school, and hangs out with questionable people. He's smart, hot and funny. I enjoyed being able to learn about him. I'd love to see things from his perspective though. That would be pretty awesome. The story line was very fast paced. You are sucked in from the very beginning. I didn't want to put it down. There's a ton of mystery, and some great X-Files quotes. (Yes I'm one of those folks that loves that show.) The characters are what make this book so awesome. Their feelings aren't on the surface only. Each person has been through something that has made them who they are, and fuels their decisions in certain circumstances. Since I listened to this book, I want to thank the narrator for doing such an amazing job throughout the book. And a side note. Grab some tissue, cuz you may or may not need them.